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Current Swimmers

Welcome to the Falls Pointe Piranhas! You’re now part of the best swim team in Olmsted Falls/Township! For both beginners and experts with the world of swim teams, this page should serve as your resource for everything you’ll need for the summer swim season. (More resources will be availabe as the season approaches.)

Reporting Absences

You may notify coaches of absences by emailing them at fallspointeswimcoach@gmail.com. This email is checked by all coaches.

If your swimmer will be missing a meet due to a planned absence, please provide notice at least one week in advance.

If your child will be missing multiple days of practice in a row due to illness, camp, vacation, etc., please notify us as soon as possible.

For unplanned absences from practice (your child overslept, is ill, or plans to attend the PM practice instead of AM practice), you do not need to notify us.

If your child will miss a meet due to an unexpected illness or emergency, please notify a coach or board member as soon as possible. Your child’s absence can affect other children’s ability to participate, and it is essential that we know as far in advance as possible!

Team Swimsuits

Team swimsuits are not required but are highly encouraged so that we have a cohesive look.

Suits may be ordered at the Registration/Information meeting. If you cannot make the meeting, you may also order online at Aquatic Outfitters of Ohio, by mail with this order form, or by phone at 330-498-9179. Girls should order Dolfin Team Panel (Item Number 9672L 712), and boys should order Dolfin Team Panel (Item Number 8610L 712).

If you do not order at the Registration meeting, the deadline to order with free bulk shipping will be May 15. When ordering, enter the Shipping Code FALLSPOINTEBULK. Those suits will be shipped to the home of one of our board members, and you will be notified by email that they are ready to pick up.

Orders placed after May 15 will be shipped directly to your home, and standard shipping rates will apply.

Additional Team Apparel

While not required, swimmers can purchase Piranha apparel, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more. See the images at the right for ideas of what you can order. (Colors may vary.) Order forms will be available at the kick-off meeting on May 30 or can be printed here. Money is due by May 31. Don’t forget to include sales tax at 8%.

Swim caps are available for purchase for $5 and drawstring bags for $8 when you pick up your swimsuit or at the kick-off event. Please bring exact change or a check made payable to Falls Pointe Swim Team.

Code of Conduct & Expectations

Falls Pointe Swim Team does not see the first place person as the only winner. We would rather look to see who behaves like a winner. There are certain characteristics of a winner, and every swimmer, no matter where they place, has the opportunity to emulate those winner characteristics: concentration, listening skills, and working towards goals.

In competition, the important measure is not who collected the most medals or even who improved the most time. The real critical measure is who learned the most from the competitive experience. Swimmers quickly forget the medals, record times and other material benefits as they get older. They will, however, remember the development of interpersonal skills, discipline, listening skills, time management, goal setting and enhanced self-image.

To help everyone remember the real goals of our swim team and set expectations about behavior, we ask that all swimmers sign a Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Positions

All families are required to volunteer 3-4 times per season. Your volunteer spot can be filled by a parent, grandparent, or other responsible adult. If you have not yet signed up to volunteer, you can do so here. Home meet positions include:

  • Set-Up: Set-up chairs, tables, etc. before the meet. Arrive by 4:30 p.m.
  • Concessions: Sell food and drinks at the concession stand. You can decide how to split the meet with your co-volunteer or work the whole meet and leave just to watch your child’s events. Arrive by 5:15.
  • Runners: Collect the time sheets from the timers and carry them to the score table after each race. This is a lot of walking back and forth. You have to make sure you get one sheet from every lane and one from the official. A meeting will be held before the meet with the officials. Arrive by 5:55 for this meeting.
  • Clerk of Course: The “Clerk of Course” is the area where the swimmers are called for their events. You’ll help to line swimmers up in order as they wait for their race. Meet with coaches and other team’s Clerk of Course prior to the meet to assign lanes. Arrive by 5:45.
  • Post Meet Tear Down: Tear down chairs, tables, trash etc. after the meet.

Positions for both home and away meets include:

  • Timers: Stand at the pool where the race will end and will use a stop watch (that we provide) to time the swimmer in their lane. A timer meeting will be held before the meet with the officials. Arrive at 5:55 for this meeting.
  • Scorers: Stay seated at a table where you add up the times from each event and average these times with a calculator. Every few races you take these scores into the person scoring the meet on the computer. Arrive by 5:55.
  • Awards: Put labels on the respective ribbons (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) earned by the Piranhas swimmers. Each label has the swimmer, their time, and placement. The ribbons are given to the coaches for distribution the next day. Arrive by 6:30.

Meet Locations

Our home meets are held at the Falls Pointe clubhouse (the same place where the team practices). Away meets are held at various pools in the area, including:

Click the name of the pool for detailed directions and a map.